Raise the Roof Fundraising

Raise the Roof Auction 2015

Thank you, everyone, who volunteered, donated, and attended this wonderful event!!

With everyone’s help, continuous support and generosity, the auction and cabaret was a complete success. The whole event garnered a value of $85,000+ in proceeds!!

Following are a few pictures from Auction Day!!



Thank you, Concentra Financial, for your very generous donation!!

Bobs Woods Speech 2015


While the auction was in full swing, Saskatoon Blades coach, Bob Woods, made a little speech!


Mustache Fundraiser 2015

The Mustache Shaving Fundraiser was completely fun!

Kids 2015 Auction

The kids sure enjoyed the Kids Activities!

We would like to thank the following sponsors for making the event successful!

Farm World



Farm World is a proud sponsor of the LeRoy “Raise the Roof” project and is a title sponsor of the Auction and Cabaret event June 27. Farm World supports hundreds of community organizations and events in the communities that they serve. Farm World believes in supporting those causes that are close to the hearts of their customers and employees.

Farm World has three locations in Saskatchewan – Humboldt, Prince Albert and Kinistino. With three newly constructed buildings at each of their locations, Farm World has experienced impressive growth due to the company’s commitment to keeping their customers growing.

For more info on Farm World, visit their site at farmworld.ca




SeedMaster Manufacturing is proud to partner with Farm World and the LeRoy community in support of the LeRoy “Raise the Roof” Fundraiser. They have full confidence this will be another great fundraiser as they were actively involved in last year’s successful auction.

They are excited to come back for an even larger commitment this year, with participation in the morning Ag Session and a significant corporate contribution in the charity auction. They will also provide a significant contribution to the auction, which will be announced closer to the date.

SeedMaster stands behind these phenomenal network of dealers and farmers and are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with Farm World and the community of LeRoy.

For more info on SeedMaster, visit their site at seedmaster.ca

Special Thanks To:

Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers Inc.



Special thanks to Bruce Schapansky for offering his expertise free of charge for the “Raise the Roof” Auction. Last year’s event wouldn’t have been a complete success without his excellent service. There is no doubt that this year’s auction will be just as successful!

For more info on Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers Inc., visit their site at schapansky.com.