Evergreen Country Home

401 1st Avenue NE

Evergreen Country Home has seen many upgrades in the summer of 2019. Thank you to the approval of our application to the Enabling Accessibilities Grant, which is a federal program that seeks to help applicants make changes to their facilities and grounds so they can be more accessible to individuals with disabilities. Also, a big thank you goes out to the following local sponsors: Town of LeRoy, R.M. of LeRoy, LeRoy Credit Union and BHP. With the grant and the above mentioned sponsors, we were able to make changes that addressed a need we had without having to use any of our own resources to fund the project. This was impressive and greatly appreciated.

You may have noticed a few of the following changes:

– The new paved walking path. There is now a smooth, barrier free walking surface that connects to the road and sidewalk so you can walk around the entire building. What better way is there to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature in the scenic back yard and mature evergreens around Evergreen Country Home?
– Two new gazebos strategically placed to offer the opportunity to garden gaze and nature watch in the back yard or enjoy watching children at play or the street views in our front yard. Both gazebos are great places to take a moment and feel the sun shining on your face or a refreshing light summer breeze.
– There are a total of 6 benches placed at rest spots and in the gazebos for those times when you need a break or want to pause to just enjoy the day and your surroundings.
– The addition of a new ramp off the dining room deck and smooth paved surfaces. Now anyone will be able to access or exit the deck on the dining room side of the building.
– What you may not see is that we were also able to install 2 automatic door openers to help make our building more accessible for those using walking aids or experiencing other restrictions.

Make sure you stop by to check out our fantastic new additions yourself. If you couldn’t come before because we weren’t accessible to you, we are happy to tell you that you can come now.