LeRoy Daycare

Our Board

  • Kimberley Block – President
  • Breann Moore – Vice President
  • Kayla Kientz – Secretary
  • Andrel Hartman – Officer
  • Mirelle Geyer – Officer
  • Carla Dietrick – Officer
  • Tianna Saretsky – Officer
  • Sarah McGrath – Officer
  • Lorna McGrath – Officer
  • Danielle Miller – Officer


LeRoy Daycare opened their doors Monday, September 9, 2019. The GRAND OPENING of the Daycare was held on October 15th. There are still available spots.
If you would like more information, call 306-320-1076.

Building Blocks to Success

From the beginning, the Economic Development Committee identified a Daycare Center as a priority. The Town of LeRoy has been on a steady population increase due to more immigration and job growth as a result of surrounding industry coupled with previous young residents returning to the area. A daycare will allow our young families to reside in or around the town of LeRoy, give new mothers and residents a chance to return to or enter the work force. Without a daycare, we risk losing young families due to the lack of childcare. The addition of a Daycare Center in LeRoy not only adds to the appeal of our community, but provides a much needed and valuable service to our residents.

Our Fundraising Goals

The LeRoy Daycare Inc. board has had numerous meetings discussing the best path to take that is conscious of both the budget and short time frame; our conclusion is to renovate a portion of the Evergreen building in LeRoy. We have asked multiple companies for quotes on certain aspects of the renovation process and have finalized a fundraising goal of $80,000. This amount will be required after we utilize the grant that we received from the Government last summer. The total funds raised will complete all renovations as well as provide all necessary supplies and furniture to have the LeRoy Daycare Inc. operational.

Our Plan

The LeRoy Daycare Inc. Board worked hard along with the Evergreen Country Home Board to finalize plans for the new daycare center. After a lot of meetings and thorough discussions, the board made the decision to renovate 6 unused rooms of the Evergreen building, which now operates as a licensed daycare center. It is a completely separate entity and will be run by a different board of directors.
The planning process was very time consuming part of the journey. We have worked alongside an engineer who has been very helpful with finding the best plan for us. This includes an addition for a separate daycare entrance, a firewall which will provide a sound proof barrier and a fire resistant separation from the Evergreen residents’ living space, a separate sleep room and play area for infants and toddlers, the addition of large windows to allow a lot of natural sunlight, a wheelchair accessible bathroom, a small kitchen area, and plenty of open play space for children. The layout allows an exit towards the front of the building to allow outside play for the children.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Our plan for the LeRoy Daycare goes beyond having a safe and caring space for our young children. We plan to use this opportunity to provide a place where young children are able to learn and grow through interactive play.
Young children who are exposed to early childhood education have been known to grow both cognitively and socially which helps minimize gaps when preparing for school. Children in our facility will be given numerous opportunities for interactive play. This assists in building comprehension, language, and motor skills, along with regulating emotions. Without proper exposure in the early years, the development of these skills can be overlooked.
Our director and employees are required to have their Early Learning Education or be in the process of completing the course. This will allow our children to have the best chance to learn and grow while under their care. This opens doors for a few full-time and part-time employment opportunities for our town and surrounding areas as well.